Welcome to Positivity and Professionalism!

Positivity and Professionalism

Positivity – The quality or state of being positive; actualness; certainty; confidence; peremptoriness; dogmatism

Professionalism – The skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well

Definitions provided by Webster’s Dictionary

Though positivity and professionalism are individual terms containing separate definitions, the two are often interconnected in society.  However, one could argue that the two are not interconnected nearly often enough.

It is possible to carry a positive attitude without maintaining a professional nature.  One may own a “Glass is half full” mentality while not understanding the importance of carrying him or herself with dignity and class.

It is also possible to hold a professional persona without the help of a positive attitude.  One can essentially go through the motions on a daily basis, being sure to say and do everything from a politically correct standpoint.  However, this type of person may simply be a very good actor while secretly carrying a pessimistic, negative attitude.  These types of people are their own worst enemies, as they living lives built on fraudulent character.

Though it is possible to maintain positivity sans professionalism and vice versa, it is important to use both simultaneously as common practice.  However, such a two-tiered mindset will not develop overnight.

The first step is to make a conscious decision to use positivity and professionalism as personal templates.  From there, one must actively work to maintain the double-tiered mentality on a daily basis, in various types of personal, social, and professional situations.

It will surely take practice, though such an attitude is certainly attainable.  However, it is something that one must continue to work at.  Though practice makes perfect, there is no point at which practice can be abandoned.  No matter how much progress is made, the path to positivity and professionalism is one that is long-winding, ever-changing, and never-ending.

This blog will be a springboard for anyone looking to develop and strengthen his or her mindsets from both positivity and professionalism standpoints.  Again, these themes can be used and practiced individually.  However, they are far more effective when conjoint.  The two feed off of and strengthen one another, essentially making both more effective.

When you prepare breakfast in the morning, how do you prefer your toast?  Do you prefer to only use Peanut Butter?  Do you prefer to only use Jelly?  If so, that is your prerogative.  However, why use one over the other when the two go together so well?  After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Welcome to Positivity and Professionalism.  Best of luck.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Willie Nelson